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5 DIY Christmas Ideas to light up your home

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Christmas is around the corner and we need to buckle up for the Christmas Decoration. While there are stunning visual decor options available like Handcrafted Light Sculptures, Eco-friendly Art and Christmas Decor, do it yourself options is always there to rescue.

Here we are noting down 5 simple DIY options that you can explore to light up this Christmas!

Make trees out of scrap wood


Cut pieces of scrap wood to varying lengths using a saw. Make a mark in the centre of one end, and use a pencil to draw a triangle. Cut the wood on the lines you drew to create a simple triangle Christmas tree.


Sand all sides of your trees until smooth, and wipe them clean. Apply Wood Conditioner to the trees which will help the stain soak into the wood, and allow it to penetrate for 1-5 minutes before removing any excess that has not soaked into the wood with a clean rag.

Whip Up Some DIY "Snow"

It takes just five minutes to put together a batch of DIY "snow" you can use to flock tabletop trees, berry centrepieces, wreaths, garland, and more.

Step 1: grate the white soap bars

Just rub the soap bar against the spikes on the box grater or cheese grater, the soap powder will fall right off, into a tray below which resemble finely grated cheese.

Step 2: mix the homemade snow flocking

Mix 1 cup of soap powder with about 1 cup of water in a bowl. You don’t need to use hot water, room temperature water works great. You can also add a few drops of pine or fir essential oil, or winter fragrance oils to the mixture to make it smell like Christmas!

How to use DIY snow flocking?

Take a handful of the “whipped cream ” snow flocking mixture, and rub it onto your Christmas tree, etc. It works great on fake or real Christmas trees and branches.

Fashion Your Own "Christmas Lights"

Take a piece of paper to create a whimsical string light that looks great on the Christmas tree, mantle, entryway table, bannister, or even open shelving in the kitchen.

Upcycle Old Mason Jars

Turn any stray Mason jars into cheap decorations worthy of your holiday table with a little something you can find in your medicine cabinet: Epsom salt. The unsuspecting item turns the glass vessels into what looks like sparkling, snow-covered vases.

Paper Moon Light

Take a balloon, fill it with air to make it shaped round. Start applying pieces of kitchen paper or tissue paper on it with liquid glue mixed with water. Once dry, again apply the papers and create 3 to 4 layers of the same to make it sturdy. Voila! Your Moon Light is ready to light up your space this Christmas.

These DIY ideas can work temporarily but if you want a permanent solution to add exquisiteness to your space, we have Handcrafted Light Sculptures designed for Art Aesthetes, just like you. All these Light Sculptures are made from naturally fallen tree branches and cannot be recreated by anyone. These are unique, just the way your space should be.

Each month we create 20 such Light Sculptures and deliver them to people with an invitation to shop only. For this Christmas, we have opened our shop for everyone so that anyone can light up their homes. Shop now before the collection gets out of stock!

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