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A Community sharing their love for
Art & Mother Nature

Zeear was born out of sheer passion and love for Art & Nature. Since the beginning, Zeear had a purpose – To build a strong community of kind-hearted people who share the same level of enthusiasm for art and nature conservation. We gathered all our customers till date and formed Zeearlife – A community that believes in art, nature and harmonious living.

Core values of Zeearlife

Exquisite Art

Crafting finest Art and Light Sculpture without harming Mother Nature. Each Light Sculpture takes days or sometimes weeks to complete because of our quality promise.


Adapting, appreciating and promoting eco-friendly Art & Craft practices. All our Light Sculpture are crafted using sustainable and biodegradable materials.


Adapting and promoting handmade products. Each Light Sculpture of Zeear is designed by the Creative Head and handcrafted by talented artists.

Upliftment of Underprivileged

Helping rural and underprivileged communities through education and work opportunities. We employ underprivileged people to perform basic tasks, pay them fair wages and educate them to work independently.

Under Privileged.jpg

Sharing Profits with
Animal Care NGOs

Donating a share of profits to NGOs working for stray animals and nature conservation. With each order received, we make a donation to NGOs working towards making this world a better place.

Spreading Awareness

Adopting and promoting eco-conscious lifestyle. With more than 10K followers on social media, our #zeearlife community is stronger than ever. Through various digital campaigns, we consistently promote eco-conscious lifestyle.  


Be a part of Zeearlife.

Experience the magnificence of Sustainable Art and Handcrafted Light Sculptures designed specifically for Art Aesthetes like you.

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