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Handcrafted Light Sculptures

Crafted from naturally fallen tree branches, Zeear Signature Collection will shine your space with exuberance and gratitude towards mother nature!


20 Unique Sculptures

We craft 20 unparalleled light sculptures each month to light up the homes of true Aesthetes. Since the process of creating finest art requires true inspiration and patience, we’ve capped the quantity. We find true Aesthetes from around the world and send invites to join our monthly sale.

However, for this Christmas Season only, we have opened our Antique Collection of Light Sculptures for everyone! 

So, light up your home before the sculpture gets out of stock!

From Nature Collection

Lost to Light

Can you imagine a fallen and discarded tree branch can enhance the beauty of your entire space? That’s the secret of Zeear Light Sculptures. Our Light Sculptures are uniquely designed & crafted in accordance with the natural shape of the branch.

We use naturally fallen tree branches as a core and handcraft the entire structure using additional sustainable and biodegradable materials. The entire process from polishing, moulding and finishing is heavily dependent of the inspiration and natural instinct of the Artist.

As described by the Chief Designer, "The process from finding that perfectly imperfect tree branches to turning them into sculpture is utterly soothing. You lose the track of time when you’re indulged into it. It’s like meditation."

Take me to the Process >>>

Zeear Life

Zeear Life isn’t just a community of art lovers, green panthers and eco-conscious people. It’s a step towards revolution. ‘Zeear’ means ‘A Beautiful Cheer’. A cheer for art, beauty, kindness and nature!

With each purchase, you not only bring the finest handcrafted light sculpture to your home but also help stray animals live a healthy life. We’ve partnered with various NGOs and charitable trusts working towards the animal welfare. So, whenever you buy a light sculpture from zeear, you’re making a donation to all these animal welfare organizations.

With both our hands wide open, we welcome you to be a part of Zeear Life Community.  

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