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It all started from a broken twig...

Considered as weak and rejected by its own parent tree, this fallen Asopalav tree branch was lost in the woods. It had given up on hope but fortunately, that wasn’t its end.

One fine morning, a design grad was walking by the woods when she saw this lifeless piece of an oak tree lying there on the ground, waiting to be burned inside a funeral pyre. She had a spark, a sheer inspiration from nature. She decided to took it with her to breathe new life into it.

That lost twig had a home now. A home where there was hope, a ray of light, a ray of life!

Nature Views

Found & Polished

She cleaned it thoroughly and peeled it to give it a nice polished look. But little did she know that it was just the start of a long journey.

She wanted a material that is highly sustainable, light weight and strong enough to build a structure out of it. One fine day, she found Rattan Sticks – An all-natural & biodegradable pieces of sticks that are lightweight yet sturdy.

She took the same and started building a beautiful structure around the branch according to her inspiration. Hours went by but the structure wasn’t turning out the way she wanted so she started looking for some inspiration from mother nature itself.

Till now, that poor twig had no idea what’s being going on there but there was hope now.

A Meditative Practice

After days of focused work, the structure was fairly convincing to her. That’s when she brought a bunch of special papers, cut them into pieces and started gluing them together on the structure using natural glue.

Hours went by and the structure was getting finished one piece at a time. After this calming meditative process, she added the final touch & installed an LED bulb inside it. The moment she turned it on, the entire space came to life with its mesmerizing and dreamy light.

Moments later, she looked at it again and wasn’t fully satisfied with the results so she decided to start over again by building the structure. After numerous trials and errors, she finally crafted a masterpiece that was ready to light up the home of a true Art Aesthete.

That’s how lost became light. A light of love, hope, kindness and gratitude. That’s how Zeear came to life!

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